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Founded as a collaborative venture between artist Manny Mendez and Vic James, the Art of Recovery was a way for two artists in recovery to share their passion and create a platform for others. The festival has grown to be a starting point and important stop for artists at every stage of their career. It has also expanded to include film; giving a voice and perspective not captured at any other festival.  

The Sixth ANNUAL

NOVEMBER 18 - 19, 2022

Join us for a 2 day art movement that combines film, paintings, photography, culture and more created by national artists. We use art as expression and use it to carry the message that recovery from mental illness and substance use disorder is possible.

Past Shows

Our previous shows have been covered by local media and Sober World Magazine. At our 3rd annual show, we raised $12,145.00 for the event and were able to give two human service nonprofit organizations $2500.00 to help those in need.

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